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Hello there! It’s been a while! Bye now.

Fall in Montreal is nice.

A while ago somebody told me that getting over an exchange was like getting over an ex, and I thought they were just being way overdramatic.

Now that I’ve been home for 4 months and I’m still readjusting, I’m realizing that this is the worst breakup ever.

Today Justin Trudeau announced he is running for leadership of the federal Liberal Party. In 2015, Canada will hopefully have the best-looking (and not to mention most charismatic, intelligent, and qualified) leader ever.

Seriously…just look at those curls.

- 3 weeks into class and I’m already behind and semi-given up. Usually this only comes around mid-terms.

- Stopped planning what I’m wearing to school and just put on anything I can find. Stripes and polka dots with one yellow and one brown sock? Sure, why not.

- My nails, which I have maintained, painted, and STOPPED BITING all summer are eaten down to the skin.

- Full on regret of class choices. AKA Latin Intensive. Really…? What were you thinking, or were you even thinking at all?!

- Sleep patterns. lol. (4-5 hours a night is enough sleep for basic motor functions, right?)

- Beginning to forget what my friends’ faces look like…


There was no painNo fear, no doubtUntil they pulled me outOf heaven

There was no pain
No fear, no doubt
Until they pulled me out
Of heaven


Blink-182 made fun of the boy band One Direction 11 years before they existed.


So either Blink-182 has a time machine they’re hiding from the world, or One Direction is a silently ironic meta-boy-band. This is so fantastic.

PQ wins. Marois has been in charge for not 2 hours and already there has been a fire set in front of the rally location, 2 people shot and in critical condition, and a mid-speech assassination attempt on her life by some moron yelling something along the lines of “the English are coming.”¬†

Ya. Ok. Because this isn’t going to fuel an already-budding language war. I feel safe now. Seriously get me out of here.

Dude, I don’t know who you are, but I can only assume that since you’re in an online commercial that you’re an aspiring actor or something of the sort, and I just hope you know that this is by the far the worst career move you could have possibly made because I don’t think you will ever get another job considering you are pretty much the INTERNET’S MOST HATED PERSON.

I have never wanted to punch anyone in the face so badly before.

Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh take me back to the start