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21. Montreal. Student. Reader of things. Wannbe world-traveler. Pretend-blogger. Aspiring London-dweller. Hyphenated-word machine.

(P.S: If you follow me, I might follow you back. If I do follow you, it will be under the name ReaderlyWriterly, which is my Tumblr's primary account. I don't know why, but this seems to confuse the hell out of people.)
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If you take a gander at my dashboard, you may notice certain things, like that I downloaded a clock to count down the days until I leave for England/Nottingham. I did do that. I did. I don’t usually count down days to things, especially not ~100 days in advance, but I’m not the one counting…this clock is. Ha. So there.

Oh, and please disregard the hockey scoreboard which displays my beloved Habs losing…again. And the shitty Montreal weather (I prefer to think of the little sunshines as little tormenting lies, because from now until next April it will be freezing, always is). And the currency converter at the top, which may as well just be a huge sardonic smiley face with a clock displaying how quickly I’m going to run out of money in England. Ya. Excited!!

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